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Jun 29, 2013 8:00am EDT
of religion in the western world. this is about 50 minutes. [applause] >> thank you, thank you all for coming out at lunch time, thank you for that lovely introduction. i am honored by the presence of everyone here and grateful to heritage for this opportunity to talk about "how the west really lost god" 11. a few weeks ago report in great britain made headline news, argued the senate 2011 census numbers it looked as if christians would be a minority of the population there even sooner than originally predicted, specifically within the decade. that is one more datum in what looks to be the steady and accelerating pattern of secular station in western europe. the purpose of my book is to consider that pattern and the related pattern of secularization in the united states and elsewhere in the west in a new way. one thing i can say for sure is the new book doesn't. on a small canvas. it is about god, western civilization, men, women, the sexual revolution, theology, sociology and a few other things. if we left any big themes out the critics will put the man as they often do when a generalist lik
Jun 30, 2013 10:45pm EDT
says the religion verses scions debate left out the role that philosophy, art and culture have played in shaping the way that we understand the world. during this event hosted by immelt phill house mr. white is a conversation with lewis, former editor of harper's magazine and current at the turn of the quarterly. this is an hour. >> i am a long time at meijer on the editorial advisory board and the quarterly. i turned to him for wisdom which often comes over me and i'm going to let him begin by explaining. we want them to talk as much as possible. and so, if you can set up the premise of the book and then i have a few questions the last few if the silence falls. >> well, from what i can tell so far, one of the things the people what their current leaders, journalists want to know why i decided to write this book a seeing eye and a novelist and not a science writer. the answer to that question is curious for probably everybody else. [phone sounds] [laughter] >> i just had to turn off, sorry. >> -- it's happened more than once in my riding lifetime. i was driving in a car listening to n
Jun 30, 2013 8:30pm EDT
of the scientific inquiry and of love of nature. >> and my parents had no interest in religion, but i was sent to the schools and would have loved to. that is what happened it was quite hard to find a school that wasn't in some way. >> when did you lose that connection? >> i suppose finally at the age of 16 when i was at school i had my doubts. i first of all had my doubts at the age of nine when my mother -- there were lots of different religions and when i was brought up that wasn't the only one. >> when you ask your parents about religion and about god how did they respond? >> i think my mother told me the standards of the christian stories as she began them which i believe she didn't. and i went to school. >> richard dawkins, how did the selfish gene come about as a book? >> about ten years before i wrote it in 1966, i was asked by my boss the nobel prize-winning scientist if i would stand and give the lecture for him, he was on sabbatical leave. i wrote a course on honorable behavior which pretty much foreshadowed the rhetoric of the selfish gene and the idea of immortal genes bounding th
Jun 26, 2013 6:00pm PDT
no matter where they're from, what color they are, what religion they are. >> reporter: at sparky's? >> very emotional. >> reporter: the owner has filled at least a dozen new balloon orders today, a day many in this community have been waiting for for years and now it's here. >> i turned to will and i said, will you marry me? and he said yes. >> reporter: the decision has come home. >> it's been an incredible experience to see this happening and to explain to our children that yes, we now too can get married. >> reporter: the official decision-day celebration will have two stages, one for music, one for speeches in front of the castro theater. open containers will not be permitted. i should mention if you think this party will be big, just wait for pride weekend. live tonight in the castro. >> yay! ha, ha. >> san francisco couple who watched the decision from home and toasted with glasses of champagne. it will be 25 days before marriages can take place. that will mean big business for the local wedding industry. we spoke to those in the wedding industry about the effect of today's ruling. we
Jun 30, 2013 11:45pm EDT
of death is that we no longer are in touch with the rituals of the end-of-life better old religions did so beautifully for us. one of the people i interviewed in the book said the purpose of religion is to guide to living through the experience of death and i think we need to somehow re-create some of those rituals because giving my father's last rites was immediately relieving of my anxiety and suffering. it really helped me know that i have sort of lost my father and that wherever he was going, whatever form it would take, i felt that i had done the right thing and i was being reassured by an ancient tradition that was there to do exactly what that volunteer chaplain was doing for me. >> were you able to aggregate how much the u.s. spends in taxpayer dollars on end-of-life care? >> yes. >> was that easy to find? >> it was not easy to find the right statistics. there are a lot of wrong statistics floating out there but the reality is a quarter of what medicare spends is spent on the last year of life. so when you consider that people may be on medicare for 20 or 30 years, that's an extrao
Jun 27, 2013 11:30pm PDT
was on a bus. he was taken to tijuana and released. no lawyer in that process. every religion that i'm familiar with teaches that things like that are not the right way to go and we do have public officials who are happy to mention their own religion and i get a kick out of it and check their voting record because on this issue and on your issue, they are part of the problem. who are they? they are your friends. they are the people you like. they like environmental things, other things. these things i tried to talk to them and so have others much more powerful than i am. he was in mexico for 3 months. he had a mental breakdown. he thought he was dead. to check if he was dead he stepped out in front of a trick and the truck missed him. and his mother went day in and day out to check the bodies in tijuana and finally he wondered back and finally the lawyers at a c l u, made a case t . the government was unrepent ant. the best way to do is go to the place and look at the people and be a voice coming out as best you can and say this is what i saw and on the 5th floor, some of them well-dressed peo
Jul 2, 2013 3:00pm PDT
a bill that would make christianity the official state religion. a poll conducted by "huffington post" found that 34% of americans support establishing christianity as a state religion while 32% support establishing christianity as the national reason and 55% support state religion and 45% making it a state religion. how real in truth is your book? >> well, my book, the enemy in my book is complacency. anybody who can sit here and hear those statistics, michael that you just recited and be complacent that's the problem in the country. we can't be complacent about this movement. it's complacency that has allowed fundamentalists to take power in other parts of the world. we have to take a look at what is happening at the state level. you're spot-on. 944 bills dealing with contraception and abortion introduced in state legislation in 2012 alone. the only thing that stands between us and the success of that movement is the federal court system and the federal judiciary. >> michael: so in our complacency, when i hear you say that, in our complacency we didn't vote against those people. the
Jul 4, 2013 4:15pm EDT
is religion. and there are people in britain in the united states that is in the case. it's extremely public and it's out there. and you have an extent to which religion is salient in society and in politics and culture, but it just marks you out suddenly in terms of post industrial societies. it's not just a different from britain, it is for everyone in the whole world. and i think it is fascinating. number one, why that is. but number two, where it is. and i think that geographical divisions in the modern united states, and again, one of these things that the outsiders do not grasp but it's a geographical division and politics increasingly aware that republicans see particularly the hard-line republicans as they were, the extremes of the party being based much more now in the south than in the rest of the country can get you look at the debate about guns and what is going on at the moment. the importance of this health and that sense of the south in that d date as opposed to here in britain an awful lot of people regard things. the concealed weapon you go there and go to the big city and y
Jun 27, 2013 12:30am PDT
it clear while we don't have jurisdiction over religion in the same way we don't over sexual orientation, what we're seeing in all of these -- and all of these are case by case, you can't just broad sweep the laws -- when students are bullied and harassed in this world because of religion, in most instances a lot of that is not about race or religion, it's because. perception that students that share certain religious traits also share certain ethnicities and that is discrimination and that falls under title 6. it is not just about enforcing the laws that make it clear how the laws apply. it is, though, as we said, you can't get at this through enforcement alone. this is a culture that tolerates this and in too many ways promotes it. as tom mentioned we have an unprecedented partnership not just between our agencies but agencies across the federal government that the president has convened to bring our best resources and minds to bear to do something about it. there is now a web site, where a tool kit is being developed and these kinds of best practices are being promo
Jul 3, 2013 9:00am EDT
people of different religions who share a common concern; protection of conscience and upholding the first amendment's guarantee that americans can live according to their religious principles. our speakers are dr. russell moore, president of the ethics and religious liberty commission of the southern baptist convention, archbishop william lori of baltimore, chairman of the ad hoc committee on religious liberty, anne hendershott, ph.d., professor of sociology at francis can university of steubenville, ohio, and yuri mantilla, associate professor at university school of law and member of the national hispanic christian leadership conference's board of directors. each panelist will speak a few words, and then we'll open the program for questions. dr. moore? >> thank you, sister walsh. hello, my name is russell moore, president of the southern baptist religious liberty commission. our first freedom of religious liberty is rarely challenged with the sudden shock and awe tactic. instead, from the very beginning such incursions on religious liberty happen in this country from the pen o
FOX News
Jul 2, 2013 2:00pm PDT
for this to stop. if this is what you consider your religion and you consider your great prophet to do, you're in the wrong place and wrong time, we have been tolerant with you. the time to be tolerant is coming to an end. you have no right to treat them that way. we treat your people well, you should treat our people well. if not, our allies ought to gather with us and do something about it. >> andrea, what do you think. we bend over backwards to condemn nonviolent extremism, common bigotry, but cower when it is deadly. >> bob mentioned we go out of the way to do this in the hopes they'll change. i'll save you the suspense. they won't. they will not stop until we are all muslims or ruled by muslims. being nice and talking sweet doesn't work. the only thing they understand is a 2 x 4 over the head. bottom line, one of the most disgusting injustices, in addition to what bob said about persecution of christians, the war on women in the women and the way they treat homosexuals. i am sick and tired of liberals and the media ignoring it. it is one issue where right and left can come together and
Jul 1, 2013 1:00am PDT
around the world in every major rural religion has identified marriage as between a man and a woman. and that's the simple issue here. senator demint did note the research is very clear that the ideal for raising our children should be the issue here, and that's what we need to focus on in this debate. >> right, but justice kennedy speaks to this. there's also research that indicates -- everybody talks about the interests of children. children tend to prosper in loving -- in homes where there is a loving marriage. right? i mean, there is really not evidence to suggest that if you are a same-sex couple or a heterosexual couple that it makes one difference one way or the other. >> well, actually, the research does not show that. actually, the research is very clear, as we have indicated here. but -- >> no, but everybody throws that out. no, no, the research actually shows that in broken homes it hurts the children, which i think most people would say that would be true with same-sex couples or heterosexual couples. we don't really know, do we. but we do have a sense that loving marria
Jul 3, 2013 10:00pm EDT
as against religion. some people are not against a religion that there is anything that is obvious in our country is that we are tolerant of all of the religions. and yet, there is a reluctance to name the inning. you can't win if you are not willing to do that. i -- [applause] on my website i had a meeting with the combatant commanders back in 2003. i got back to the office and i was concerned and i gerdemann know and it is on rumsfeld dhaka. i said basically we don't have the metrics to know if we are winning or losing the war montara. we have a pretty good idea the number of people that are being killed or captured. but we don't know the number of people that are being recruited. we don't know the number of people that are being trained in them pravachol madrassas and pakistan funded from the people all across that part of the world. we don't know the amount of money that is being contributed to train terrorists and to teach people how to strap on a suicide vests and kill people. the purpose of terror isn't to kill terrorism, it isn't to kill people, it is to terrorize them, to alter t
Jul 4, 2013 9:00am EDT
or the return of markets and religion to global politics in a big way signal ad counter revolution towards the reactions of the earlier postwar era. how did you come up with that? who could possibly write a book, margaret thatcher, ping, ayatollah khomeni, afghan communists and iranian revolutionaries have in common, never mind pope john paul the second and resurgence of religion in a polish national life which is a whole fascinating part of the book? how did you come up with putting these things together. >> guest: had a loot to do with my reporting in afghanistan after 9/11. you were there too. if memory serves me we actually stayed in the same house for a while. you were with "washington post." i was with "newsweek." the house struck me at the time. it had the shag carpeting and light fixtures with a ranch style house. just like kind of houses we were growing up in the '70s when i was a kid. i was kind of struck by that. when you went outside in kabul, driving with 1970s american cars with eight-track players in them if you know what they were. ministry government buildings were built i
Jul 4, 2013 7:00am EDT
elections, and lamenting policies to protect freedom of expression, association, religion, and due process of law. the legislation, championed by senator patrick leahy, gives the u.s. government the ability to waive that condition if he deems this in the u.s. national security interest and provides a detailed justification." john, good morning. caller: i used to live in tahrir. 30 or so years ago but i've been back since the uprising in the meantime anyway. i'm struck by how much money the u.s. has been spending in egypt, and how little my local neighborhood just around tahrir has changed him even though the u.s. is spending all this money. you go two blocks away and you have the u.s. embassy, a fortress did it was in that way 30 years ago -- it wasn't that way 30 years ago. if you go out towards the parents, there are gated communities -- if you go towards the pyramid, there are gated communities, the military folks. nothing has improved. there are simple things that the u.s. embassy was doing, like teaching english programs, and they got really positive feedback from that. as far as i k
FOX News
Jun 29, 2013 10:00pm PDT
to marry someone of the same sex? i mean if you have a religion, ken, that says you have to marry a woman and god bless you. if you have a religion or if your own personal beliefs can you marry another person of your same sex, then god bless you, too. why should i care? >> well, an example would be in washington state and in colorado just in the past couple months a florist who didn't want to provide because it was personal religious beliefs, flowers for a same-sex ceremony is under criminal investigation and another is a baker that didn't want to bake a cake for a same-sex ceremony. he is under criminal investigation. i can give you two dozen cases of people in the courts seeking to live out their own life and because they refuse to embrace a form of marriage that they personally don't believe in because their religion, they have the teeth of the law into them right now. >> congressman, can you respond? >> i don't insist that every clergyman or clergy or any person of the clergy should be forced to solemnize the marriages they don't really approve of. there are alternatives for same-sex
Jul 2, 2013 11:00pm EDT
of different religions who share a common concern protection of conscience to uphold the first amendment guarantee that americans can live according to religious principles we have dr. russell more of the southern baptist convention archbishop of baltimore turned the ad hoc committee of religious liberty and anne hendershott professor of sociology and social professor at liberty university school of law and national hispanic christian leadership conference board of directors each panelist will speak a few words then we'll open the program to questions. dr. moore? been faqs sister walsh. i am from the conference of catholic bishops but we have a sudden shock and got tactic instead from the very beginning such incursions of religious liberty happen from the pen of a bureaucrat rather than the bare of a tank of a baptist forebears objected with the revolutionary opposed revolutionary era to the state preachers to preach the gospel this was the a government of matter of paperwork but it was more than a fee or a piece of paper but a government that had overstepped its bounds of the challenges
FOX Business
Jun 28, 2013 12:00pm EDT
. $51 billion industry gone from 10% to 38%. what is luxury denim b? we're talking true religion, j brand, hudson and this new tariff basically means their prices will go up 26%. how are the jean manufacturers going to handle it? hudson came out and said we're just going to swallow the cost but for the workers based in l.a., 70% are based in l.a. true religion was telling us they have had to move their workers elsewhere. move the manufacturing out they can move to europe because the reason is europe is the second-biggest market for premium denim. not like because in japan it is dominated by the japanese denim. dennis: who is mad at us that they did this? >> essentially the fashion industry says this comes back from decades and decades of different types of trades back and forth, so they say what they want to do is talk to their legislators, centers and get something done about it to fix it to bring it back down. 122 is high for a tariff on denim. >> what is their beef with the united states. something they are trying to import into the united states, i think that is the next questio
Jun 30, 2013 10:00am PDT
to be at least a step in that direction. for "religion and ethics newsweekly," i'm tim o'brien at the supreme court. >> strongly held disagreements over gay marriage are just as prevalent, perhaps more so, in religious communities as they are in the country as a whole, as kim lawton reports. ♪ >> reporter: hours after the supreme court's same-sex marriage decisions were announced, people of faith gathered at washington's national cathedral for a prayer service of thanksgiving and celebration. >> today's supreme court rulings announce a new era for our country. it's an era in which married gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered americans can finally enjoy the same federal recognition and protection that our laws have for so long extended to their fellow citizens. >> reporter: but for religious opponents of gay marriage, it was a day of disappointment. >> our churches are going to have to be ready to live in a world in which we cannot simply assume a definition of marriage and family. >> reporter: according to the pew research center, support for legal recognition of same-sex marriage cont
Jun 27, 2013 2:30am PDT
religion, but particularly islam, there's not always a clear understanding to what the first amendment guarantees, which is the right to teach about a religion but not proselytize about it. i think there's fear of associating with anyone associated with islam. there are events outside our control that creates more interest and unfortunately also makes people more afraid. one of the programs we are about to launch is putting all our content online so a teacher in north dakota where there are no muslim, potentially, no expert can come to her classroom, they can go to our web site and download the content and teach the things we are teaching. >> i think partnerships are the best way to overcome the limitations because we all have limitations. and sometimes it's just visibility. we actually have on our web site 50 short films and one of them is a muslim student from a school in fremont going to a school in arinda talking about what it's like going to school as a muslim in the united states and they are asking questions and you see we are all kids in school and we have more similaritie
Jun 30, 2013 6:00pm EDT
to be pivoted and i think it was deleterious in the institutions like the famous british religion almost. it's from the central government >> overall how would you describe david cameron's performance and the state of the british economy? >> the way that all of the western economies are they borrowed too much and they spent too much. cutting spending is very difficult politically. it is in a bad way and i thought he was good when he came in. he's having a terrible time now. he seems to be changing his mind continually. it is not a happy scene at the moment. >> one of the guests we have had on blonden nseries talk about the income inequality in the state's and in great britain that it's the greatest that it's been since the 1930's. d.c. that? is it a danger? >> it causes unhappiness and makes people resentful. they think of the system but i do not think it is crippling as some people think. a lot of people are very rich nowadays in manipulating the market and whatever it may be. that is in part a function of the mistakes that were made in the last five years. it's difficult to handle. there s
Comedy Central
Jun 26, 2013 11:30pm PDT
of all of those guys who stood up so that everyone in this country irrespective of race, religion, creed, income, we're all eke quul in that voting booth i thought of them. it was a betrayal of their martyrdom that this court said it's going to be okay for you to go back and try to put discriminatory laws against voting in different places. they tried last year. you know that. you tawgd about it on the show. the voter i.d., the other efforts to disqualify voters at the polls. they're now encouraged to do that. the supreme court has said go and do likewise >> stephen: again if it doesn't work out, if there is still discriminatory racial discriminatory action at the polls to try to disenfranchise black people or latinos or anyone else, we'll just bring l.b.j. back from the grave. >> and martin luther king who said the long arc of history tends towards justice. in time the racists in the south -- and they're still there, in your state of south carolina and my state of texas -- they will be overcome by the sheer weight of numbers of people who are not, blacks and hispanics and other people w
Comedy Central
Jul 1, 2013 11:00pm PDT
of this is no matter what country you live in, what religion you belong to, it seems crazy that in this day and age, anyone has a problem with which gender you want to, uhm-- what's the phrase? >> what to do sex with each ( che. ( cheers and applause ). >> john: welcome back to the show. earlier this week, one of america's most prominent politicians had some big news. >> she is the most traveled secretary of state in u.s. history, but there was one place hillary clinton had yet to go until now. >> john: that's right, we're shooting her into orbit. ( laughter ) this summer, hillary clinton is secretary of space. ( laughter ) unless, unless it's something even more un-newsworthy. >> hillary clinton has arrived, on twitter. >> clinton is taking twitter by storm. the forper secretary of state, senator, and first lady also described herself as wife, mom, lawyer, and-- get this-- hair icon and pantsuit aficionado. most telling of all in clinton's twitter bio, t.b.d. >> john: oh! t.b.d. you big tease. what could you possibly be referring to? is it president or is it-- there is literally nothing else. for
Jun 28, 2013 6:30pm PDT
probe into the institute for works of religion, the vatican 's private bank. critics say the bank's murky structure makes it a safe haven for dirty money. the former head of the vatican bank was forced to resign last year for his part in a series of dubious money transfers. the vatican bank is directed by a group of five cardinals appointed by the pope. the commission of cardinals then appoints the bank's board of directors and their president. the bank's records are not made public and all information about its finances is based on guesswork or leaked information. despite continuing criticism, the banks leadership has denied allegations of criminal wrongdoing. john, who is he and what is his story? >> he has been a very important member of a key finance office within the vatican, not employed by the vatican bank. he came under suspicion six weeks ago when he transferred allegedly 600 million euros from an account at the vatican bank. he withdrew the money, he allegedly distributed it among friends, in turn for which he received checks and then he deposited at an italian bank. the
Jul 3, 2013 6:30pm PDT
and religious leaders, including members of the coptic church and the various clerics the muslim religion. tens of thousands of protesters have been gathering out in tahrir square and other cities as well, like alexandria, waiting to see what will happen next. morsi has been refusing to step down but has offered the option of a coalition government under his leadership. that, according to the military, is no longer germane to current conversations. morsi's supporters are also out on the streets in massive numbers as well. in the last few hours, the army has been moving to tighten its control on key institutions, like state media. >> tahrir square has been packed with opponents and supporters of president morsi. there is so much uncertainty. we don't know how it will solve itself. >> we will try to get to our correspondent kareem during the next "journal." please join us then. maybe you have some energy- saving appliances, like an energy star-rated washer and dryer. but what about your tv? chances are it's on more than your washer, dryer, and kitchen appliances combined. did you know that if hal
Jul 4, 2013 2:30pm PDT
in egypt, she said, and above all else, to protect people's freedom to practice their religion. germany is watching the latest developments with great concern. >> this is a major setback for democracy in egypt, and it is all the more important that egyptians quickly find their way back to a constitutional democracy. germany's social democrats called on the eu to put more pressure on cairo to set a timeline for new elections. europe must be clear -- an army has moved against a democratic president. if it is true that members of parliament has been arrested -- have been arrested, the army has to answer for that. >> after morsi's ousting, germany is hoping to welcome his democratically elected successor in the near future. >> the international reaction to the events in egypt ranged from congratulations to condemnation. we spoke earlier to our chief political correspondent and put it to her, that germany's response has caused a bit of a dilemma for western powers. >> indeed it does. in fact, there is a strong sense here in berlin and i think in most other western capitals that people wish t
Jun 28, 2013 6:00pm PDT
the same privileges as straight couples. of course. >> about time. you take religion out of the equation, nobody can give a legitimate answer as to why gay people can't get married. clear as day, all men are created equal. >> reporter: this vein will have added significance and it gives them more reason to celebrate. in just the last hour the sidewalks have gotten a hot more crowded. and we expect more people to come to the castro as the evening wears on to kick off the celebration. live in the castro, nbc bay area nahs. >>> and with continuing corning of the same sex marriage, the social media reaction. >>> also ahead, taking action after our), investigative unit exposes how farms are using young children in the fields. we have new details of a bill making its way through washington that can finally end the practice. >>> and hundreds of thousands of people could be stranded come monday morning as they figure out the bart situation. i'm live in oak hand where talks hit a very sour note today. but we just got an update minutes ago. we'll have that coming up. >>> and we're tracking triple
Jul 2, 2013 4:00am PDT
religion to nbc. yeah, the peacock network picked up they is dwoel the widely successful mini series "the bible." no air date set yet. >>> a fitting final resting place has been selected for rich i havens. next month the folk rocker's ashes will be spread across the legendary site of his breakout performance at the 1969 woodstock music festival. >>> and remember him? ruben studdard is getting a second round of reality television. the season 2 "american idol" champion will be featured on nbc's weight loss show "the biggest loser" this fall. >>> actress gabrielle union has the internet buzzing about her new film "being mary jane." she plays a tv news anchor which is fitting since she grew up a news hound reading three newspapers a day. i have to tell you, this is a hard job. this is not easy, right? >> the hours are a little different. i feel like hollywood is a lot easier like that. >> she has a whole cast. we have a little makeup. they help us with these bags under our eyes after waking up in the middle of the night but, yeah, it's definitely not that easy. we make it -- you make it look
Jul 3, 2013 5:30pm PDT
, or even islam in politics, but against morsi and the muslim brotherhood, for using religion to win votes and then governing badly. the celebrations were triggered by this highly anticipated announcement. the army chief on national television outlining a road map. morsi out, the constitution suspended, the head of the constitutional court, the new president. but only until early elections. the army stressed, it doesn't want to run egypt. can it be believed? what about morsi and his supporters? they're calling this a faked coup, an affront to islam, a plot by america and islam. they are furious. the army has deployed armored vehicles to detain them. but they are armed, and some could start an insurgency. back in tahrir square, back with the winners, what about democracy? is a military intervention really what they wanted? no. but they say it was their only choice to fix a mistake they don't want to repeat. and, brian, tonight, there are deep concerns about what will happen next in this country. the u.s. embassy which is located just at the back of tahrir square has ordered all nonessential
Jun 30, 2013 11:00am PDT
've learned is to have respectfor people's opinions, religions, their cultures, their ideas, their education, their food, whatever it may be. i believe it was a gift. it was a loan. it was a loan from god. ♪ >> i always knew i was the fittest. and that was a great comforting thought. when i first came to this great country, the united states, i'd lr started exercising, because when pie brother went to war, he stood there and vividly, i can remember him saying, "promise me you'll exercise for the rest of your life. you want to be a professional sportsman, you've got to be stronger." >> when i stood on the tee with arnold and jack, i can honestly say that i really believed i was strong as they were. i honestly believed i was going to beat them. i never believed they were going to beat me. >> can you imagine how i feel when i go to the regular tour and i go and i see this gymnasium on the tour, and i think, you know, i think i was largely responsible for that, because i started to do all these exercises and do the weights. and it was a no-no. ♪ >> i do a lot of these. i do hundreds of these
Jul 4, 2013 12:00am PDT
talked about, movement, migration, religion, ceremony, and landscape, which is important to all, and that is a unique way of organizing that kind of material, and yet, it lets you get at a very big stories, and as i said, it is instructive for our future in this area in the west, in los angeles, in this region, because those are all of the elements that will make up the future. tavis: i tease my friends all of the time on the east coast, i love the east coast, but sometimes i've been a big -- yes, i am talking to you all -- i sometimes think they think art and culture is a wholly owned subsidiary of the eastern suburb if you come out here, you want to check out the autry, and its leader autryw. richard west, jr.. thank you for your work. that is our show for tonight, thanks for watching, and as always, keep the faith. at tavis: hi, i'm tavis smiley. join me next time for a conversation with phil jacksoneat with his book, and that is next time. we will see you then. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i j
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